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What a Small Plumbing Leak Really Does

You need to be very careful if you have a small leak—do not let it go because it will cause extensive damage to your home unless it’s fixed. For instance, a toilet with a little leak around the base might not seem like a big deal because it only leaks whenever you flush it. But think of it this way: if you flush the toilet three or four times a day, multiplied by a week or a month it comes out to hundreds of flushes. A tiny bit of water each flush becomes enough to do serious damage, especially on a wood floor. Eventually it will begin to rot and become soft, and the challenge of replacing a floor is much more complicated than just fixing the slow toilet leak.

Structural decay happens because water and wood don’t get along together. So if you notice a small stain on the ceiling, get it taken care of right away. Stains are a telltale sign that there’s a leak somewhere that needs to be addressed. Don’t gauge the seriousness of the problem by the size of the stain, either, because a little spot could be an indicator of a very large problem. Even worse, the combination of water and warm temperatures from something like a hot water leak can lead to mold issues.

Sometimes you might be able to check the attic for the source of the problem. If there’s a tub right over the stain and there’s an access panel, you could pop it off and take a look. For a sink located right over the stain, maybe open the cabinet doors and check for water. If you have a stained drop ceiling, you might want to pop off the drop ceiling to try and spot the cause. It’s probably time to get a professional involved if you look around and still aren’t able to find the leak that caused the stain.

A home’s crawlspace might remain sight unseen so that you never even find out about a little pinhole leak. It can lead to an excessive amount of water loss and high water bills (utility overpayment). You’d definitely save money by fixing the problem, but first you have to pay attention to crawlspaces or any other areas where you don’t look very often. There are many different components in a home can lead to stains, including HVAC, plumbing system, or roof. If you can narrow down the culprit, it will help you determine which professional to call.

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