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Prepare Your Home Before an Extended Winter Vacation

If you’re traveling for a long winter vacation, here are a few things you can do to prepare your home’s plumbing system so it stays safe.

Winterize outdoor plumbing.

Make sure that you winterize all outdoor plumbing, especially if you have a home down by the lake around our area. Any outdoor showers or kitchens need to be winterized by removing all the water, not just by shutting off the water. (A lot of times the water is removed by blowing air through the pipes.)

Check the insulation.

There are certain situations where a house has a well/well pit or crawlspace surrounded with insulation. If the cover has leaked or the insulation has gotten wet, it’s not going to do a very good job of insulating the pipe. Check the insulation to make sure it’s in good order and not torn apart.

Check the heat.

Some houses have areas that aren’t heated or cooled by automatic means, with a heat lamp or heater with thermostat. Turn them up to make sure they are functioning properly and the lamps are working. Nobody wants to find out the bulb has burned out during a cold night.

Keep the cold air out.

For crawlspaces and cellars located underneath the house, make sure any vents or doors are closed securely. You don’t want cold air blowing into those spaces.

Shut off outdoor faucets.

Outdoor faucets sometimes have shutoff valves. We always recommend shutting off the valves to outdoor faucets to prevent anything from freezing and/or bursting.

If you want a professional to come winterize your home and make sure it’s prepared for winter vacation, reach out to the team at Wisler Plumbing & Air by contacting us online or giving us a call at 540-483-9382.