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Without Worry Installation

An HVAC system is not inexpensive. We never want our clients to have buyer’s remorse, so we provide a Without Worry Installation guarantee on all our installations. What does that include?

Apples-to-Apples Guarantee

We guarantee that no other licensed contractor will offer the same products, services and guarantees for less, or we’ll pay you a $500 finder’s fee.

No Lemon Guarantee

Just a like a car or piece of machinery, there can be defects with a new HVAC system. If the system has more than three repairs in the first year, we will replace that item at no additional cost. We don’t want lemons in our clients’ homes.

We Respect Your Home

We guarantee that we will not damage your home during installation and that we will clean up after ourselves.

We Show Up

If we drop the ball, fail to show up or to communicate changes, we will pay you $500 for the inconvenience.

Background Checks & Drug Tests

We guarantee that our people will be background checked and drug tested.

We are Licensed & Insured

We will ensure that a new system is tested and inspected to ensure safety in the home, and that we are licensed and insured to do the work. We guarantee our installers are professionally trained and competent to do the work as well.

The truth is: only a small percentage of the industry focuses on making sure that an HVAC system is installed to factory specs. Many in the industry just use rules of thumb. We find a lot of airflow and sizing issues. When we go into your home, we’re looking at minimum criteria to make sure the system is going to work as it’s designed.

We are focused on a worry-free installation because comfort matters to our homeowners. They trust us. Air quality is a huge deal and so is longevity. Our clients want the most return on their investment, and if it’s installed or sized improperly, it’s going to bring the life expectancy of that system down dramatically. We are focused on doing it right to make sure those homeowners can get the most out of the agreement they make with us. If you’re having any HVAC issues in your home, you can reach out to the team at Wisler Plumbing and Air. The number is 540-483-9382.